We trust that we can anticipate any questions or concerns you may have and address them here.  If not, we're only a phone call or email away. Dial 973-299-8828 or email: [email protected]

Q. Where Do I Meet my Driver at The Airport?

There are two options for meeting your driver at the airport (specified at time of reservation):

1. Meet and Greet Airport Pick-up: Our chauffeur will park his vehicle and meet you inside of the airport terminal. He will be holding a personalized name sign so that he is easily identifiable.

  •    Domestic Flights – Passengers will meet the chauffeur inside the terminal in the baggage claim area.
  •    International Flights – Passengers will meet the chauffeur inside the terminal outside of Customs.

Please note: We will always do a Curbside Express Pickup pick-up unless Meet & Greet Service is requested at booking.  Either option will require the client to provide a mobile phone number for communication.

2. Express Airport Pick-up: The chauffeur will pick you up outside the terminal instead of parking and meeting you inside. This is done primarily at terminals where there is no parking. Express pick-ups are perfect for clients who prefer a quicker exit from the airport and by avoiding parking fees, and are more cost-effective. The proper procedure for an express pick-up is as follows:

  •     When you have secured your luggage and are ready to be picked up please call the office 973-299-8828 and inform the dispatcher of your terminal number or airport location (door                number/area number).
  •     Our dispatcher will then notify the chauffeur, who will be waiting in the limousine holding lot, to pull up to a terminal door or passenger pickup area. Our dispatcher will inform you of the          type of vehicle to assist you with identifying it as it arrives at the terminal.
  •     The chauffeur will also have a personalized name sign in the window and his hazard lights on.
  •   Q. What Do I Do if I Do Not See my Driver?

    If for any reason you do not see your chauffeur, simply contact our office immediately at 973-299-8828. Our dispatch team is always aware of where your vehicle is and is on duty 24/7 to assist you.

      Q. How do I cancel or change a reservation?

    Cancellations and changes are accepted by phone only. Please call or Dispatch Office at 973-299-8828. To view our cancellation policies please view our terms and conditions. CLICK HERE

      Q. Can I pay with Cash?

    YES! Cash may be paid directly to your chauffeur at time of pickup.  However, a credit or debit card will be required at time of booking for guarantee.  Once your driver receives your cash payment, any authorization approved on your card will be released and payment will not be processed.